Thursday, June 14, 2012

The ALL important Itinerary! (Or how you can keep up with where we are!)

Here is the information some of you would like to know...

On Departure Day, 3rd of July, Mozz, Sue and myself make our way to Townsville. We take four days to get there, visiting Miles, Yeppon and St Helens. We spend the weekend in Townsville, taking the opportunity to stock up on any needed supplies.

Monday 9th July: We depart for the Daintree area.
Tuesday 10th July: Destination Cooktown for a couple of days. Might make time for some contact with relatives living there.
Thursday 12th July: Hann Crossing
Friday 13th July: Archer River
Saturday 14th July: Weipa - here we get a rest and the promise of a cook up of fresh fish! YEAH!
Monday 16th July: Bramwell Station
Tuesday 17th July: Vrylia Point
Wednesday 18th July: Punsand Bay and the Classic photo op at the Tip itself!! As well as a trip out to Thursday Island.
Friday 20th July: Ussher Point where we get a couple of days and I'm hoping MORE fishing!!
Sunday 22nd July: Archer River - ah but we now are on our road home.
Tuesday 24th July: Normanby River
Wednesday 25th July: Hommic
Friday 27th July: Lions Den
Saturday 28th July: And here is where we start our trip home. First stop, Cairns, then the rest of the week as we take it...

So, you haven't heard of half those places I've mentioned?

Well, its ok. Nor have I! But be reassured that I will soon learn and I will be sure to let you all know as well! 19 sleeps till DTD!!!

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