Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Count Down to the Cape!

Here we are, 20 sleeps till we depart north for the big trek to the Top of Australia, the Cape York peninsula. This is the first post on what is building to be a great adventure holiday!

It has been months in the planning and as the date draws near, we are starting to feel ready. Yes, the excitement is definitely beginning to build!

This trip, I will be accompanied by my great friends and previous trek companions, Mozz and Sue. They're driving a Nissan Patrol which will be towing their much modified Lifestyle camper trailer. Mozz has in the past 12 months added a kayak to his trailer, so I can't wait till we can get to put it in the water and give it a run!

 For me, it will be with a new car, which as tried by many others, has proven to be a very capable 4wd straight off the show room floor. However, I'll be giving myself a bit of a chance and will have mud tyres fitted but other than that, it will be in stock form with regards to mechanicals. There have been other mods however! I will be towing my slightly modified Customline camper trailer, which is currently sporting a new DO35 v2 tow hitch, some power modifications and a couple of extra jerry cans!

 Over the next few weeks, I probably won't be putting much up here but perhaps enough to keep keen readers up to date on DTD, which is Date To Departure!

  Cape York July 2012

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