Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And it's 7 Days till Departure!

Wow...7 days to go.

So, pretty much ready. New tyres all round on both the car and camper. A few minor modifications to the camper were made on the weekend and I think that I have managed to fix most of the dust ingress that was beginning to become a problem. I have a couple of minor cosmetic things to be done on the trailer, finish off the stone guard and other than that, it is pack and go!

Now, I am studying the weather up and down the coast, seeing where we're going to be cold and when we'll get to the warmer weather!

Meanwhile, Mozz has the flu and I am hoping that he'll be doing his best to get over it! He's got Sue worried but I think that she's worrying more that he's still working night shifts and not doing much to get over his illness. With still a week to go, I am sure that he will be fine and if I know him, he'll be getting in that car come Tuesday, flu or not!

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