Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cooktown - The Windy City

"I had ambition not only to go farther than any one had been before but as far as it was possible for man to go." Captain James Cook

No one seems to know Cooktown's secret. However, it is hinted everywhere around the town. They were even talking about it in the 19th Century! Can you even guess what it was about? I'll let you in on it later...(yes, yes, I know...a cliff hanger!)

Today was a pretty amazing day. It started with a very bad night of not much sleep and a tree being knocked down. It started with breakfast at a contemporary cafe in the main street and included a spiked tyre. We've not even GOT to the Tip yet!

I enjoyed  a nice brekky of scrambled eggs, bacon and an amazing relish (don't worry, we're bringing some home!), I had 2 coffees at the Capers Cafe but I am still confident in the knowledge that I am very good at being a Barista and that these people, although trying up here in FNQ, aren't. That's a fact. I'm not banging a drum here.

After breakfast, myself and another couple decided to check out local accommodation that would not mean camping. Yes, you heard me...we didn't want to camp out another night. The tree coming down was just a little bit close. We met back at camp and made our decision to go to the Sovereign Resort. Good choice as it turns out!

A quick pack up and thankfully, the caravan park manager refunded our second nights stay. One bright point  in a bit of a dark 24 hours. As we left, I was a bit sus about my right rear tyre. Seemed a bit low, which was odd, considering how it really only has less than 3000kms on it. After hunting around I found a tyre service who was willing to take the tyre off and they pretty much found the culprit straight away. Yep, it was spiked with a 3 inch long piece of rod. I suspect it came from the camp ground. Another reason to leave. Well, that tyre now is just the spare until I get back to home, when I can source another. It will only be good for getting me out of trouble. I'm a bit annoyed about a new tyre being spiked and I did consider going back to the caravan park and letting them wear the bill of a new tyre.

Our tour leader said that all should be good now...we've had our trouble.

I'm not counting chickens! We've still got a long way to go.

The rest of the day was spent in a bit of shopping, lunch, checking out the James Cook museum and getting some washing done.

Now, I am sitting here in the very nice resort room that I have for the night, slumming it as the next two weeks will be pure camping, like it or not!

We make our first leg of the trip now up to the Cape proper. As of tomorrow, it is all dirt! If I have fixed the leaking camper problem, then hopefully there won't be too much dust on the inside either!

Here's hoping we do make the rest of the trip safely. Its epic alright!

This is a quick shot of the three intrepid adventurers rigs at Black Mountain, near Cooktown.

Oh...and what is Cooktown's secret?

Well...lets just say that wind is not an unusual phenomenon here...even the nuns all those years ago were saying how it was always "blowing, blowing, blowing!!!"

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