Friday, July 20, 2012

We Made It!!

What a wild five days it has been since we were in Weipa! Full of fantastic driving, adventure and camping.

I have spent many months, years even reading and watching everything there is on the very famous Old Telegraph Track. Watched hours of footage of the famous and often dreaded Gunshot creek crossing. Well, now I can say that I have my very own footage of this famed 4wding challenge as I tackled it and succeeded! What a fabulous little car I have, it went every where and then some that I pointed it at.

We are now camped at the beautiful Punsand Bay camping ground. We have absolute beach front here for 10 bucks a night! Sadly, you can't get in the water here...too many big lizards. I actually found evidence of one on the beach one morning as it had come out of the water and left some very clear prints in the newly washed over sand. Yes, I took photos! (There is not a lot up here that I haven't taken photos of, as you can imagine!)

Yesterday, we did the Tip itself, which involved a half hour trip down a 7km track with various water crossings and low range type terrain. It was heaps of fun and I really have enjoyed having Tony as a very capable and encouraging 4wding mentor! He even got out on the way home to film me making the water crossings in the FJ. Getting to the Tip itself was a bit of a walk but we made the trek in no time and soon we were standing on that also most famous piece of Australia, the northernmost tip. I can now add it to my list of being at the southernmost tip and the easternmost tip. Bring on the western tip!

The FJ has performed flawlessly and I think it is becoming a bit of a celebrity on the Cape. Just today as we were driving through Seisia after doing some shopping, I noticed someone taking photos as we came around the corner...and it wasn't the local highway patrol!

We are here until Monday morning, when we leave and start the journey south and into our last two weeks of holiday. Where we will go the first leg we've not yet decided but we know one thing for sure that we will be on a heading of south!

A couple of teaser pics for of me at the Tip. The sign is especially for my mate, Bruce! The other is of my trailer coming across Gunshot, towed by our fearless tour guide in his mighty Landrover powered by a 6.8 litre Chevy V8 diesel motor! So no dishonour in that! I had decided to let experience take the trailer, so that I could concentrate on just getting the car down. The Landy made the descent down Gunshot look real easy, even with a trailer!

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