Friday, July 6, 2012

We have made Townsville!

After 3 full days of travel, some very cold nights camping, we have arrived at our stop where we'll get to restock, rest and relax!

It was a great trip, though the traffic on the Bruce Hwy was just...well lots!

I have seen a great deal of things I haven't seen before, including towns I've never been to and now can say that I have!

Both cars and trailers have travelled well, only problem being Leon losing a shackle pin that let the right side of his stoneguard drag along the ground. Lucky I was travelling behind at the time and noticed that something didn't look right.

Our lunch stop today was in Bowen, where it was blowing a howling southerly. We got to have a good look over the once Catalina base and now memorial to it. Along with discovering that Bowen was where Baz made his epic film "Australia."

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